For those that are into the domain selling business or just looking to sell an old domain that may be worth a few quid, I have the best solution for you. Introducing Domain Seller a landing page to sell your domains, it is hassle free and can get you set up in no time to start generating those leads.

Domain Seller is a script that I have personally developed and use, the idea come to mind while trying to search for a domain landing page but unable to find anything modern and appealing, I decided to develop one myself.

If you are not really tech savvy and have no coding knowledge, then this is perfect for you as it comes equipped with a visual editor to customize colors, text and links to your desire.

domain seller visual editor

It is very easy to set up and even supports multi domains, which means you only need to install it once then point the other domain names to your web hosting, configure them as Alias or Addon domains in your control panel and your good to go.

Also no data base is needed, which I personally know can be a hassle at times installing and managing. Believe me when I say that every intention of this script was to be user friendly as possible.